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Revolver Burger Company

Revolver Burger Company is an original Scarper Designs project, with complete branding, logo design, website design, social media marketing, and print material. Alycia’s aunt and uncle approached her early in 2017 regarding a new business venture, and they got the ball rolling quickly from there.

Beginning with their logo, a classic minimal style was born, influenced with American flair, and from there, everything just flowed. Hoarding and mallway signage as the project was commenced at Shepparton Marketplace, menu designs, a social media marketing campaign to amp up the hype around the new business, kids sticker sheets, packaging, and of course the shop fit out (with a lot of assistance from Dan at Ellis Creative).

This is probably the biggest endeavour Alycia has taken on since beginning her career in design, and she is very proud of the successful outcome. Check out some of the results below, or click here to check out the Revolver Burger Company Facebook page.

The Result: